New blogger on the rise….

Well suffice it so say this blogging will not only put my literary skills and ability to keep readers interested and coming back to test but also my hidden (very hidden, verrry deep) talent  for the flair ! Blogging is yet another sign of the times although I came from the times where music was played on 45’s and records, and the only way to interact with others was through good ol’ snail mail or telephones that were party lines.

Ok so I wonder how many readers I’ve kept so far and how many even know what a 45 or party line was.  Now that was a flashback…. for old time here’s a couple pictures and despite what many think that really wasn’t allllll THAT long ago.  I’m aged like a fine bottle of wine but not pre-historic like the dinosaur. 😉

That’s one of the things I love about what I do working with little ones, it keeps you young, in touch and up to date with technology, new parents and life in general.  I love hearing about someone’s next favourite “in” thing.  Besides at the end of the day it’s all good and a learning experience and brain food at any age is a good thing!

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