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The age-old questions:

  Who am I?  Where do I come from? What is my medical history?  Is anyone looking for me?  Who do I look like?

  My name is Charlene and this is a blog about adoption including my own where I share my reunion process and the emotional journey. Over the years I have been asked to journal my adoption journey and experiences so I do with the hopes of helping others out there in one form or another. 

  Chars Jargon began back in 2011 as a place to write down my thoughts on Adoption and my perspective as an adoptee.  This Blog soon became my safe place to share my journey and experiences in the adoption triad.  This same “safe place” became very overwhelming as I know all too well the opening of Pandoras Box that will take place.  But on a brief hiatus I have come to the conclusion that I am only doing a disservice and perpetuating the secrets behind adoption and my story by letting the intimidation factor take over.  I have been reminded that I am not responsible for another person’s doings, decisions or whereabouts; ergo “I am not my Brothers Keeper”.

 I am an adult adoptee who, with minimal information, located my birth family over a decade ago. When I first began my search, there wasn’t the resources there is now when looking for that jump off point to search.  So I became a part of a local support group in my late teens and over the years continued on volunteering/co-chairing and then chairing the group. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to meet so many great people along the way and have to date successfully reunited clients for 30 plus years.  These people are everyone in the triad and beyond… adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents and siblings both adoptive and birth.  At the start of my search I was young and I went into it with much judgement and yet walked away after every meeting having learned invaluable life lesson from each and every one of these people.  Listened to and embraced their stories and ultimately developed a bond with many.  As an adoptee and part of this group I have been in the shoes of my clients and those in the triad so I am emotionally invested and understand the support needed when going through the process.  Some of that support I hope you can find in the pages of this blog.

   I hope to keep readers interested and inspired.  This blog is so we may share our opinions and experiences.  I hope that you feel free to jump in and give your input as well.

  If you are interested in speaking or working with me, or simply have a question please feel free to send me an email to theunspokenstruggles@gmail.com

Good luck to you in your search and reunion!

Thank you


Disclaimer:   The readers of this blog agree not to hold us libel for what is written or display and e shall not be held responsible and/or liable for anything we say.. This blogs content is the opinion of the blogger and no way is intended to malign organization, company, corporation, group, religion, individual or anything or anyone.

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