Life on the “wild” side….

So the learning curve in entering the world of blogging has caused me to have a case of blog fog:  Although a little hazy from all there is to learn I’m enjoying it …the learning, not the fog. 😉  Now to try and work out the few kinks I have yet to master and I’ll be good to go.

I’ve been reminded while I sit here that one of the nice things about my home office that makes plugging away on the computer enjoyable, is the scenery out my back window that my desk faces.  I’m a bit of a nature nut and love to watch the activity in the trees, the bunnies running about doing their thing and the “wildlife” that make their way up from the river bank.  Things in the “wild” can be very intriguing and as long as they aren’t sporting a long white stripe down their back, it’s all good. 🙂

Another bonus is the night views of the beautiful sky.  My place is like a fish bowl with loads and loads of windows so I have views from most any spot.

There’s an inner peace that comes with living in, as my father used to call, “the toolies”.  As much as I love it I do have to fess up that before moving back here I became a bit of a city girl and accustomed to what it had to offer and the convenience of it all.  Simple things like night walks with the dogs, well you don’t want to do that here as it’s a wee dark at night without all the lights guiding the way.  You also realize when it’s 8:00 p.m. and you have a hankering for something that you can’t go out the front door and get it.   (Probably just as well 😉 )  OK so I’m making it sound like I live in the mountains in a cave; …nah just a small town girl tainted by city life. Hmmm I wonder how pregnant woman out here handle those late night cravings without an all night store to run to?

What about you…big city or small town gal?  Whichever you are don’t forget to take a second out of your day to just “be” and take in tour surroundings  🙂




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