“We spend precious hours fearing the inevitable. It would be wise to use that time adoring our families, cherishing our friends and living our lives.” ~Maya Angelou~


  Those of you that know me know I am a very private person (she says as she blogs… lol) , however today I am yet again stepping outside of my box as I want to pay well overdue homage to a couple of special ladies.

  I got a call this morning from a friend asking if I wanted to pop out to an event in the city, so off we went.  While there we ran into another old friend that I haven’t seen in way too long of a time.  It was interesting, in an ironic way, that today of all days I should see both these ladies.  I don’t know if they realized it on the onset of seeing one another but today marks the anniversary of a life altering event I experienced some time ago.  And when this event happened these two gals, more than any other, were the ones there for me, caring for me, protecting me, supporting me, loving me and standing by my side through my long physical, spiritual and emotional recovery.  They were my gate keepers, my strength, my cheerleaders, my shoulder to cry on…my true friends.    

  I think that as time goes by, as life happens, as wounds heal … we often forget.  I have never forgotten that time in my life or its effects on me, but today was a reminder that I have not been as mindful as I’d thought I had about the importance of the two gals and how that experience marked them in their own way; way I can’t ever begin to identify.  I believe that it all took its toll and was the foundation of a fracture and a test of the strength of friendship; resulting in a regrettable distance between us.  But I also believe it’s not irreparable.  

  I will forever be grateful and love these gals and be grateful for their roles in my life and the bond we share. 


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