When I started this blog it was with the intent to blog solely about adoption related matters.  Posting my personal experience and continued journey as an adoptee as well as random tidbits that hopefully others will find helpful.  I unintentionally started blogging about my love for food and cooking and will leave those recipes up but will refocus and get back to all things adoption and giving you a look into my life as an adoptee.

I started to blog because there are experiences, tips and stories I want to share about life in general…my life…your life.  I think of this as a forum where we could learn from one another and hopefully along the way we can have a smile or two.

I don’t have a plan, a script, or an idea as to how this will all appear on here.  What I do know is that for those that may be directly effected by my blogging this please remember my opinions are not right or wrong…they are my opinions, my views; my truths.

Perhaps in reading this someone will find a piece of themselves here by relating to a feeling, a view, a rant or whatever else you may find.

I want to hear from you and learn from you.  Please do subscribe, post comments so we open the forum up to a place that we can all learn from and support one another.


Good luck to you


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