Family Reunion on Fathers day

Let me preface this with a huge shout out of thanks to Mary and Lorin for an amazing day! (((Hugs)))

Today…Fathers Day….I found myself reflective , grateful, yet extremely melancholy/pensive. As we spend the day at a family reunion it is not lost on me those who brought us together in life…our fathers. They are no longer here and I take a moment to myself to thank them for who they were, what they stood for and all that they did for us as a family. If it were not for them we wouldn’t be in the here and now enjoying one another, laughing our heads blissfully unaware of how gloriously fortunate and grateful we are for those around us.

Our Fathers were brothers that came from Holland to build lives and families. I know had my father not passed in my childhood that our family dynamics and relationships would be even stronger yet. It is that loss and sadness that haunts me from time to time and will likely continue to do so. “They” say you can’t grieve what you never had. “They” are wrong.

Although I was adopted into this family I am truly blessed as they have never made me feel that way…misplaced if you will. And the love and genuine feelings I feel from this crazy bunch, has never wavered.

To alllllll these beautiful people in my family…Im grateful for you…I love you.

Happy Fathers to two incredible fathers. We miss you.<3



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