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Charlene is a Certified American Sign Language Instructor and the owner of My Smart Hands London.  She is a guest lecturer on the topic of using sign language with hearing children as well as with those with communication barriers.  Charlene has delivered workshops to educators helping them develop techniques to incorporate the use of sign language into their programs.   Charlene has completed level 303 of the “Signing Naturally” curriculum through classes at The Canadian Hearing Society and works in an industry that services the culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing community.

Her experience working with children with diverse levels of hearing loss comes from her volunteer work at Robarts School for the Deaf. Seeing many deaf children who have hearing parents, she noticed the need, and desire, for hearing parents to bridge the communication gap between themselves and their child.

Imagine being able to learn to communicate with your child before he or she can talk. Being able to understand what they want at an early age, to give them another language and to strengthen your bond with them are only a few of the benefits that come with teaching your child sign language.

The use of ASL is not only beneficial for babies but for anyone who does not have a voice. Charlene is passionate about offering a means of communication to those with, APHASIA, AUTISM CEREBRAL PALSY, and/or DOWN SYNDROME. Through the amazing benefits of ASL you can help give anyone a “voice”.

What began as an interest in American Sign Language quickly turned into a passion for Charlene. That passion led her to My Smart Hands where she has been able to further share her expertise with others.

Her classes are engaging, energetic and interactive for both mom and baby and have been eliciting raves from her students. Most importantly they offer parents the tools they need to facilitate early communication with their children. As it was with her former students, Charlene’s primary goal is to help children achieve their highest potential.

Charlene Slaats-Gray, owner of My Smart Hands London is a guest speaker has dynamic and entertaining presentations. Charlene is available to speak at your event or conference on the following topics:

-sign language to promote literacy.
-signing and the confident child.
-parent and child bonding through signing.
-how to incorporate signing into your programs.
-other topics geared towards your conference needs.

Please contact Charlene for more information and speaking/workshop references.

Are you interested in having Charlene come and give a presentation at your conference or class on using sign language to promote literacy? Charlene offers an engaging power point presentation where she discusses the benefits of using sign language with babies, preschoolers and school aged children and shows videos of a baby and toddler showing off their signing skills!

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