Wonder Woman (Canadianized :) )

OK you asked for it and I know it’s getting close to crunch time for Halloween but I was asked to post it none the less so here ya go!

This is the pattern of sorts for the Wonder Woman costume I made for the Drop Zone event.

I’ll post the steps and then pot a list of items required.

   So to start I made a template for each item.  Below is the cut out (from paper bags) of the head band, boot band and waist band.

Then I bought fun foam at Lens Mills and outlined the designs onto that and cut it out.

For the “W” pattern that goes across the top I just drew it freehand onto the fun foam and cut it out.   Similarly for the bracelets I measured the wrist area and re-measured about 4 inches further up the arm drew the template and cut it out.

   Once you have the Head band, waist band and “W” cut out I traced out the gold fabric and hot glued that on.  For the wrist band I used silver fabric and then for the boot band I used the white duct tape….gotta love duct tape!  (Sorry I failed to take pics o the wrist bands)  Also for the head and waist bands you want to use glued back velcroe for closures

Instead of the Stars that she has which are of course indicative of the US, I cut maple leafs out of white felt and ran those down the legs of my leggings, again using the glue gun.  Oh and I colored one red to put on the centre of the tiara.

  For the top I used a template for a bustier but you certainly don’t need to do that; just cut out something as simple as a tank top or for that matter if you can purchase a red one that’s soooo much easier.

  With the boots I had a pair I could use at home so I outlined them with the same fabric I made the top strip out of and turn the fabric inside out and stitched the front and bottom.  I left the back open and attached Velcro so that it was not only easier to slide in and out of but that way it was a bit more adjustable around the boot once I had it on.  Then once I turned out the boot template I slid it back on the boot for sizing.  Then down the front I ran a strip of fun foam (covered again in duct tape 🙂 ) down the front of the boot.

Items required for the complete list below the picture.

Items required:

  1. Fabric for wrist bands (silver)
  2. Fabric for waist, head band and “W’ on top (Gold)
  3. Fabric for top (Red)
  4. Blue fabric for skirt of use blue leggings like I did
  5. Felt for Maple Leafs
  6. Paper bags for templates
  7. Pins and thread
  8. Fun foam
  9. Glue back velcroe to secure boots and bands
  10. Zipper for top
  11. Red ribbon for cape tie
  12. Canadian flag for cape
  13. Gold roping for lasso
  14. Glue gun (I used it more then I did thread

For more images please see my post on “Breaking Barriers

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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