Cute Halloween ideas…..

Backward, turn backward,
O Time, in your flight
make me a child again
just for to-night!
~Elizabeth Akers Allen


As we know Halloween “All Hallows’ Eve” has many meanings and interpretations.  But in the interest of focusing on the fun side of it and bringing out our creative minds below are a couple fun things I thought you might enjoy.

Firstly I stumbled on this great fun inexpensive games for you and your little one….looks like loads of fun…check it out!

Pumpkin bowling game.

Source Jeanetics

“Owen had his “Fall Party” today! Not to be confused with a traditional “Halloween Party” you may have heard of in days gone by. This new modern kind of party is aimed at being non-offending, and trying their very hardest to have no good treats of any kind but offering “healthy choices” instead.

I used a nice round pie pumpkin and cut the stem off.  Then I bored three bowling-ball-type holes with an apple corer.  Using toilet paper rolls was the idea suggested to me, because they make a nice grand reaction to being bowled over.  But as I was contemplating the ghost-white paper while working on the pumpkin ball I knew I had to add the faces.

Take that “Fall Party”!  (At least it’s bowling over the mischievous spirits as opposed to glorifying them right?)  I’ll probably be the shortest-term room parent in the history of public education!”

Now for this cute food craft you may have seen before…….

Jiggly Wiggly Jello Worms – Perfect for Halloween!

Eat worms lately? How about some realistic looking Jello Worms?

These worms will make you the coolest parent (or kid) on the block. Present them in a lovely bowl, or make it look as if you just scooped them out of the garden by adding an old tin and crumbled up bits of chocolate cookies to make it look as if the worms have dirt sticking to them.

Grab a handful and enjoy!

Recipe Module


  • 6 oz grape or any dark red or purple colored Jello
  • 3 oz unflavored Jello
  • 3 cups boiling water
  • 3/4 cups thickened cream (Cream certainly can be left out; it’s simply there to add to the effect)
  • about 100 straws with a bendy top
  • 10 – 12 drops of green food dye
  • tall narrow container


Pull out the bends in the straws and ,with bendy bits down, put them into a tall narrow jar – bind them with a rubber band if necessary

Combine the flavored and unflavored Jello

Add boiling water and dissolve

Add green food dye until the red and green make a brown shade

Let stand until luke warm

Add thickened cream and stir

Pour the mixture into straws. The jello will seep out the bottom, but that’s ok. Keep pouring

Put in the fridge until set. Overnight or around 8 hours

Once the Jello is set take the straws out of the container and run hot water over the straws so that the jello worms slide out. If this doesn’t work they can be individually nudged out of the straws by using a rolling pin to push them through.


  1. Use a narrow container or two – It’s better to use two or three very narrow containers than one wide one. This will force the mixture further up the straws for longer worms
  2. Put the bendy part of the straw at the bottom of the container – Put the bendy part of the straw toward the bottom of the container to make sure this part of the straw is filled. The rippled look adds the to the look of the worm.
  3. Unflavored Jello – Jello worms require half the amount of water as making jello in a bowl. Because of this the flavor is very strong. Using 3 oz of unflavored jello will prevent the flavor from becoming too strong.
  4. Use an old cardboard milk container or any other container that can be ripped open – I used a tall jug, but a cardboard container would have made it much, much easier to remove the Jello worms. (as shown in additional picture)
  5. Keep paper towels handy to wipe down the straws – Any water droplets on or in the straws will get into your bowl. Even a few drops of water makes it all a bit watery.

Straws in jar or milk carton

Bendy Straws for Jiggly Jello Worms

Pull out the ridges of the straws

Slimey, Jiggly, Jello WormsSource: Squido

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