Living together; fighting cancer together: The Battle begins…

  It has certainly been a test of time, patience and self-restraint over the last few weeks; ergo my being a little elusive with my blogging as of late.

 As much as I try to go with the flow and try to understand and put things into perspective as they arise; I can not seem to do it when it comes to the one thing in life that has no prejudices…Cancer.

 Over the course of the years this disease has taken my family members and friends along the way….both 2 legged and 4.  I would gander a guess that the vast majority of people I know have been impacted by this dreadful disease.  

  Most recently Pip and Savannah, my two Weimaraners were diagnosed with cancer; mast cell tumors to be more precise.   They came up very quickly and hopefully were detected quickly.  One benefit of this breeds short hair is that it is often easier to find these lumps sooner than later.  Pip has previously had cancer and surgery, and has done well for a number of years.  I would’ve expected that perhaps she’d have a re-occurrence in the same areas but this was completely new.  As as a rescue Savannahs history is unknown and she’s quite young yet but this disease also took its hold on her.

  As per norm I was simply petting them one day and came across these lumps.  Because they felt all too familiar I called the vets office straight away to get them in for examination.  I was viewed as having two heads when I said “Both the girls have lumps, and I fear they are indicative of cancerous tumours” Now in their defense I’m sure I did sound a bit kooky because what are the odds.  The vet aspirated them, went into the back room and within no time returned with “that look” followed by “I’m sorry”.  To which I responded“Both of them”?  But it wasn’t a question as much as a confirmation of what my gut told me.  “Yes both of them”.  My heart sank…both my girls had cancer.

The girls

  As with everything I kicked things into gear and got them booked in the next week for surgery.  I chose to do them both the same day because I just couldn’t imagine trying to help one mend while tending to the others daily needs (particularly exercise).  I thought it best to do them at the same time; they can heal together and fight this together.  I’m a firm believer in “energy” and believe the two of them healing side by side in their expens and just “being”, allowed for a more conducive curative environment then had of done them separately with the other bouncing around. 

Healing spot

Recuperating together

  As the rest the hours and days tick by while we wait for results.  When the results come in (although be it more of a formality than anything) the previous diagnosis is confirmed.  BUT unlike Pips last experience; this time we got clean margins!!  The sense of relief that came with that was exactly what I needed to breathe again.   Now if I can only get out of my own way and get out of the mindset of “when will it happen again”, we’ll be fine.



   The girls continue to heal well; have returned to their boundless energetic selves and I am left feeling grateful.  I am grateful that for once (or actually twice now) the “Big C” didn’t win; I am grateful for a supportive network of friends, and I am grateful to the vet clinics staff for thinking I am kooky but not saying it!  😉

   A special thank you to my gal pals for overseeing the draw noted in this poster below.

It was captioned “Pip & Savannah are both deaf Weimeraners that were rescued from separate organizations at separate times by our friend Charlene C. Slaats-Gray. They are now 8-years old and 3-years old respectively, and were both diagnosed with cancer last week. They are both undergoing surgery tomorrow. As you can imagine, this is a huge financial strain for anyone, let alone a single income household. Thus, we are holding a 50/50 draw to help pay veterinary costs. The tickets are $2 each or 3 tickets for $5. They can be purchased in person from myself or Erin Baker, or by electronic money transfer by emailing The draw will be held Sunday, June 2nd at the ‘Bark in the Park’ event (MAC agility area) in London, Ontario. Thank you very much for your generous support! (Funds raised exceeding veterinary costs will be donated to canine cancer research)”


   As much as I like to think there won’t be a next time I will take this knowledge with me and arm myself just in case. Knowledge is power and I have to take all the power away that I can from this dreadful blight. 





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