Gluten Free Crunchy Oat Bars (do not need to be gluten free if you prefer)

I’ve been know a time or two to cook when stressed (just a time or two 😉 )  Truth be told it is an amazing stress reliever and something that I love to do.  So poking around in the kitchen certainly isn’t a hardship for me.

This is my first go at these and they turned out amazingly tasty1  If I was to change one thing that would be to not roll them out quite as thin as I did…close but not quite.  It just resulted in them cooking a little quicker than anticipated and I really prefer things to cook slowly and evenly.


1/3 cup ground almonds (raw)

1/3 cup ground pecans (raw)

1/2 cup coconut palm sugar (or regular sugar is fine)

2 cups gluten free oats

2 cups gluten free puffed rice cereal

1 tsp kosher salt

4 tbsp honey

5 tbsp melted virgin coconut oil (you could use vegetable oil; I just prefer coconut)



Preheat oven to 325 degrees

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and set aside

In a large bowl mix the ground almonds and pecans, salt and sugar and whisk to mix them really well.


Add the oats and puffed rice  and then the oil and honey and mix then well

DRY INGREDIENTS 2Put the mixture onto your prepared baking sheet.

The mixture may look like it isn’t binding well but will

Cover the baking sheet with another piece of parchment paper and as even pressure to compress it well.  I used a rolling pin over the parchment paper to make it easier but its not necessary, you can press it with your hands or a large spatula.

Remove that top parchment paper and place baking sheet in oven for about 20-25 minutes.  You’ll want to watch them so they dont darken quite as much s mine did.  (It didn’t effect the taste so, so if they darken no need to worry)

Remove from oven and after it has cooled for a few minutes slice them according to your preferred size.  Be careful not to over handle and cut them before they cool to much as they will get crunchier as they cool and therefore trickier to cut.  For simplicity I use the pizza cutter.



Enjoy!  Feel free to comment if you try them out; I’d love to h



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