Drop Zone 2 days away!

Sorry I’ve not been around to post in a few days; my intention is to post no less then twice a week so please do stay tuned!!

For now my absence has been due to my attempt ((attempt being the operative word here!;) to make a costume for the Drop Zone.  Yes I am actually doing it; rappelling 26 storied down One London Place! We start at the top and then we for lack of better words “re-rappel” off the ledge and continue to the bottom.

Truthfully after doing the training I wasn’t overly concerned and I’d seen many pictures and videos knew I’d be fine.  For me I found the point of standing on the edge, before you turn around, that was the worst.  It’s that vertigo kind of thing.  Once I started rappelling I was fine….well until I saw this picture today! Yeah ok that’s high!

I don’t recall posting this before but this is quite a good video of last years event….so check it out!


I’ll be back after the event with a new post and hopefully to update you on how things went.



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