Breaking down the barriers

I could never understand thrill-seekers and always assumed that if someone did partake in something with an element of thrill, speed or danger, that they did so for the rush.  I now know that isn’t always the case.

A number of years ago I became ill and when I came out the other side of it I found myself wanting to challenge myself; wanting to live and not just exist.  That’s what I try to do now is experience the things that others may think is for the thrill.  In actuality when I do things, it’s because I can which I seemed not to have fully appreciated that before.

In working with those with communication barriers I know about the Easter Seals and the great things that they do for those with barriers.  I stumbled upon an business acquaintance Facebook posting showing he was fundraising  for them and if her reached his target goal then he would rappel One London Place, a 26 story building here in London and one of the highest i North America.  “Darren” has a son with Cerebral Palsy and owns Allsource Depot in St. Thomas so he and his family have first hand experience of the wonderful things Easter Seal can and will do.  Anyway I thought I’d jump on the band wagon and at the very least get involved in raising some money for the cause.  If I got the chance to rappel then bonus but it was for the kids and if need be I would transfer my monies raised to Darren to help him reach his goal.  I’m sure his son already thinks he is a superhero but hey seeing him come off the roof would just be the best.  And it’s his way to say thank you to Easter Seals.  So as it turns out not only did Darren raise the funds needed but he surpassed it and so generously contributed to my being able to do the rappel; thanks Darren!!

2 days before the event I sewed a costume since I couldn’t find an age appropriate female superhero costume in the store.  That was a mad rush getting that done but have to admit it was quite fun.

The day before the rappel I get a call from Rogers TV and was asked to do an interview which I was thrilled to do and as always it was quite fun; especially when Ken (the host) wore my tiara.  🙂  I don’t have that video or pic yet but will post when I do.

The rappel was insanely amazing!!  It was so tough to take that first step backwards to where you have to stand on the ledge of the building.  You would think the next part of where you lean back into the position to scale down would be the hardest but for me that wasn’t it.  It defies everything we are told….”Don’t go into the street”…”Don’t go near the edge”…now we aren’t going near the edge but on it and my brain just couldn’t comprehend that!  But alas once I got going I was fine; poky but fine  The rope you have to “hoist” is so heavy so that slowed me down but I stopped and waved a couple times along the way and looked at the city on the way down.  I couldn’t turn around much and look at it as I would spin so I looked through the reflection on the glass building.


  Don’t forget to challenge yourself from time to time, break down your barriers for no other reason then you can!


One London Place

Finished in 1992 – Stands at 372 feet

Undoubtedly that first step was a doozy!!

Once that step was done it’s amazing; alot of work but amazing!

Almost there…..

Thank you Easter Seals, East Park Gardens, the R.A.T. team and all others involved!

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