Happy New Year to all!

Happy New Year to all!

I hope this find you all well and many wishes to you and yours for an amazing 2013!

Today’s post I thought I would deviate from my norm as of late which as you know have been recipes.  No worries many of those till to come down the road. 😉  Just thought i’d let you into a little corner of my world.

For those of you that know me know that I have to dogs that I love to spend time with and take out for hikes…2 Weimaraners named Pip and Savannah.  And yes I am “that” woman.  The one that takes them when and where I can, does agility with them and sticks them on a Christmas card….they undoubtedly are my buddies.

This is my least favorite season with trudging through snow and ice thats a tad tough to navigate at times in the woods; however I suppose it beats swamping through the mud after days of rain.  But on days like today with the sun shining and the cool crisp snow crunching under my feet I can’t help but smile and soon forget the cold.  Especially when I see how much fun they have tearing their way hither and yawn once they have gotten past the fact that yes it is indeed chc cha cha chilly.  My gal Savannah has been with me less then a couple years and still has many of her Southern Belle attributes and an unfamiliarity of the cold and snow is just one of many.  Once I can get her moving she’s ok but it’s taken days to get her out in it but success at last!

We hiked an area that we are not overly familiar with but between the footprints and snow mobile tracks we couldn’t go wrong.

Not that today was the day for swimming…I guess we could’ve done a polar bear swim 😉  But tell me whats wrong with this picture?


Unsupervised Back area; Use at own risk; no swimming.  So you can’t swim at the beach but you can use it unsupervised…..does that still mean it’s a beach?

To look at it it’s quite large but looks more like a pond, hence the damn in the background.  Regardless it’s gorgeous int he snow.


Then we trudge through some paths and over a bridge or two and we all got some well needed exercise.

There’s one trail we turned around on simply because it ran over a swamp and although the suspended walkway remained snow covered it was far too bouncy and Pip kept insisting on going off of it to have a sniff elsewhere.  I was not prepared to dive in a snow covered swamp to go get her!  But we all know i would and Savannah would join right in on the fun.  I look forward to going down there another time as it goes through a cedar swamp, “that is a very rare type of wetland for southern Ontario. A boardwalk takes you through the oldest, most mature part of the cedar swamp.”

Swamp walk




The girls stopped for a shot on the bridge and you can see by my prior attempt with Savannah she wasn’t impressed. 🙂



On the way a stop at the playground is a must for Miss Pip; it’s like a magnet for her.


Time to head back to the car and call it a day….

128_0288 128_0301

Ok so it didn’t quite end like that……

I had to make a quick stop….10 minutes…no biggy and here is what I returned to………


Savannah absolutely annihilated the sling blankets and sheets in the back of the car.

I have no idea what it is that almost 2 years later that she still does this when I leave the car.  Because she has chewed the car before suffice it to say you’d think I’d know better.  Guess I thought after 2 hours hike I was pooped that she must be too…..Clearly not so much.

Well that’s it; I hope you enjoyed your walk through the area with us.

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