Toons for Toddlers – See the Wiggles Big Birthday!

Toons for Toddlers- your child’s First cinema experience!

Have you ever tried to take your little one to enjoy a movie in the theatre?  The normal animated fare the big studios…the lights go dark, the sound booms through the speakers and after two     minutes your little one is scared? Or you find after an hour they lose interest and won’t sit through the length of the feature?

There is a mom out there who has helped solve this problem with the creation of ‘Toons for Toddlers’ ( – a 60 minute, toddler friendly, weekend screening that runs with lights left dim and reduced sound levels!

Over a decade ago she launched Movies for Mommies (  -Canada’s original mom and baby film event.  Now a mainstay for moms on maternity leave, these grown up movies run as weekly matinees for moms to enjoy, while baby sleeps.  But after a few years, as the MFM moms started having second and third children, they wrote to the founder, asking for movies they could take their little ones to enjoy.

In 2009, Toons for Toddlers (TFT) was launched with screenings of Thomas the Train, In the Night Garden, and Toopy and Binoo.

This October 20th, they return with an exclusive 60 minute screening of The Wiggles Big Birthday! in selected cities across Canada, including: London,  at the Hyland Cinema, 10:30 AM

If you have Wiggles fans in your family, you probably know that the original cast is being disbanded and a new wave of Wiggles are about to come on board.  This screening is the best of the original Wiggles gang, celebrating 20 years of Wiggle-dom!  As an added bonus, there will be a 10 minute sneak peak of Dino Dan (for any budding paleontologist out there!).  At the end of the show, each child receives a small gift (colouring sheet, stickers, or other stuff),.




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