Quiche with a Sweet Potato Crust (Gluten free/Grain free…or not if you prefer)

I’ve always love a good quiche!  To me it’s great to dinner ; it’s relatively quick and easy to make and heats up great for breakfast.  You can mix things up a bit by changing the toppings/veggies but in this one I used spinach, mushrooms and Onions.  The possibilities are endless which is great if you have finneky little ones.  For that matter this recipe is very easy to break down into single servings using a cup cake time so you can make various ones at the same time with very little extra effort.  And by the way it’s freezes really well!

As far as it being gluten free and grain free I prefer it because the sweet potatoes are a nice change from the usual quiche/pie crust and when you do heat it you dont get the squishy mush crust.  It really is sooo yummy….I’d love to know what you think if you try it.



  •   approximately 4 cups uncooked sweet potatoes, shredded
  •   1/2 tsp sea salt
  •   2 tbsp Nature Egg or 1 large organic egg
  •   1/2 cup of shredded Mozzarella or Feta (your taste preference)
  •  1/3 cup Parmesan cheese


  • 12 tbsp Egg Creations or 6 large eggs
  • 1/2 cup Feta cheese 0r Ricotta works well also
  • 1/2 cup Mozzarella
  • 10 -12 oz washed Spinach
  • 8 oz sliced freshly sauteed mushrooms
  • Salt and pepper to taste



  1. Preheat the oven to 400F
  2. Shred the potatoes with a food processor or grate by hand
  3. Salt the Sweet Potatoes (be sure to mix them up) and set them aside for 15 minutes (is fine without salt also)
  4. Squeeze really well to get the excess water out of the potatoes and then place in a  clean dry bowl
  5. In another bowl combine the Egg (Egg replacement) , Mozzarella (or Feta) and Salt and whisk/blend really well.
  6. Using a greased pie dish ( I personally like the deep dish) press/pack in the potatoe mixture and remember to go up the edges of the plate.
  7. Bake for about 20ish minutes or until slightly golden.

Hint:  If you wind up with left over potatoe mix, section it off and pat it in your hands like you would a homemade burger and put them on a pie plate in the oven or fry them to make potatoe  pancakes…yum!


  1. Mix the Feta (Ricotta), eggs, and salt and pepper in a food processor ( Magic Bullet is great for this as well!)
  2. Blend or pulse just long enough for the mixture to be well blended then transfer to bowl.  (You can blend in strained mushrooms if you like for thicker filling and to hide the mushrooms from little wandering eyes that may not be fond of them
  3. Once you are sure to have strained the mushrooms and spinach really well to get excess water out add them to the bowl with the above mixture and stir by hand.


  1. Remove the pie crust from the oven after the 20ish minutes time mark, spread out the Spinach, add the mushrooms (if not already in the blend made) and add the Mozzarella
  2. Pour the Egg mixture over top and place back into the oven for another 50 minutes or until the eggs are set.  I start to watch at about 40 minutes.

Serving size:  6 servings/pieces

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