Heaven sent strength

  In our childhood and teen years we went to a local Catholic school and church where there was a local family that was quite a large family in toll and over the years my brother “H” had developed and sustained a friendship with one of the fellows from this family.  For anonymity purposes we’ll call him “P”.

   As the years went by my brother “H” has stayed local to where we grew up and has very strong friendships with all his childhood buds including “P” who later had met and married a gal “S” who was a great childhood/teenage friend of mine.

   “P” and “S” married and have now celebrated their 30th anniversary.  From their marriage they have 3 beautiful boys.

   I am sad to say tragedy struck this family this week; their eldest son’s life (at age 22) was lost in a car wreck while in Edmonton Alberta.  Without stating the obvious of what this family has to face in the days ahead and without telling stories out of school…I simply write this post with them in my thoughts and my heart.

   Please say a silent prayer for them and send them strength to get through what undoubtedly will be one of the toughest times in their lives. 

  “S”…I saw this photo and thought of you and the story you shared.  I like to think “C” is sending you heaven-sent strength.

    God speed “C”


Yet just another reminder to be grateful and hold tight those that you love.



photo courtesy of bnwbutterfly.deviantart.com


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