Liver Souffle for our faithful furry friends

This time around I decided to toss in a recipe for those of you looking for a healthy homemade dog treat.  I say “Faithful furry friends” but dont have cats so you’ll have to let me know if you try it for yours!

One of my gals has cancer previously….notice I say “HAD” as she is thankfully still in remission!  Sorry I digress 🙂  Because of her cancer I have been very diligent in eliminating grains and sugar from her diet as it’s a known factor that cancer cells and tumors feed on sugar and grains.  Grains and sugars are packed with starches and simple carbohydrates (simple sugars) and cancer cells love simple sugars.  So I am always on the look out for healthy food and treat options for both of them.

I tried originally just doing a dehydrated type of liver treat and they loved it; however I didn’t.  lol  And I dont mean eating it!  The texture was off and every time I gave it to them it to them at classes I would end up black and gooey from it.  So I did this recipe and find it works really well using liver or chicken.  I particularly like this one for using at agility because it doesn’t crumble all over and yet if I fail to cut the pieces small enough they will easily come apart, and foremost it does the job in getting their attention.  Theirs and many of the other dogs in class. 🙂

The pictures you will see are of a double batch:  Here you have it…

Liver Souffle treats: 

1 pound liver (or chicken)

1 c Barley Flour (you can use whole wheat or half whole wheat & half white if you prefer)

1/2 c corn meal

3 Tbsp garlic powder ( be sure it’s not garlic salt!)

2 Carrots (optional; I like to do so from time to time.  It acts as a binding agent)

Liver Souffle


In a food processor puree the liver (chicken) really well. Then gradually add the garlic, corn meal, flour and carrots ( which are optional).  If need be add more flour to thicken as you want a doughy texture.

Spread out batter

double batch

On a greased cookie sheet (or one lined with parchment paper) spread out the mixture until is is about 1/4 ” thick.


Bake for about 40 minutes at 350 degrees.  To make for easier cutting you can remove it after 20ish minutes, score it and flip if needed. 

Check to see if done

When removed from oven you want them to cool long enough to the touch; however I dont let them cool to long as they are much easier to cut when warm.  As you can see I use a pizza cutter and I have designated old cookie trays for this as it is a bit messy.  Once cut and cooled put them in a Ziploc and toss them in the freezer.   They do not stick together so I don’t bother portioning them into smaller bags.  They freeze really and come out just as great! 

Warning; your dogs will be under foot when you are making these!  🙂




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