I know, I know…

You get them up in the morning, feed them and get them ready for the day.

 You pack a “to go” bag when leaving home.

 You teach them languages and comprehension.

 You teach them manners and don’t accept bad behavior; correcting it when it happens.

 You reward them when they’ve done something good and the rest of the time you give them goodies for no other reason than you can.

 You tell them to go lie down because it’s bedtime/nap time or just quiet time.

 You get on the floor to play and wrestle.

 You take them out for play and exercisecollage4 The furniture is a place to sleep and to bounce.

 You rub their tummies and caress their head when they want affection and to snuggle.

 You take them with you in the car to go visit people and places; or leave them with a sitter when needed.

You clean them up and diaper them.

 You dress them according to the weather.

 You dress them up just because you cancollage2

 When they are sick you nurse them back to health and when they hurt you hurt.

 You love their cuddle moments.

 You have to “child” proof the house.

 You calm their fears

 You take them for they play dates

 You sign them up for activitiesActivities

 You accept and love their differences and are fine knowing others may not.

 You look forward to getting home to them after a long day

 You have to decide when to give in and when you hold your ground

 You have to be consistent in your teachings and rules

 You clean up after them when they make a mess.

 You feed them things that makes them make silly facesEat

You still laugh when they get into things they shouldn’t

You send them to camp.

Your sitter cares for them when you are out.

 You take their pictures just because…Play

 When you’re on the phone…that’s when they want your attention.

 You watch them grow, change and develop their own personality

You just “do” what you “do” because you love them…..375517_10151130458726876_1600438184_n

I know, I know…raising dogs and/or children are nothing alike.  😉

Big shout out to Erin for the picture of her crew…Thank you!!


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