As promised in my last blog post here are a few cute Easter ideas for you and your little ones.

My mom always said “Don’t play with your food”; I say “Go for it!”  😉

I’ll be posting one more soon but it is an after Easter craft.  So if you have things left over while prepping for Easter that you think are disposable dont throw them away just yet!

Have fun!


Two different variations on the theme.

Easter Bunny cupcakes


Cake mix

Canned icing/frosting

Food coloring

Mini M&M’s, jelly beans, miniature and regular marshmallows, white and “green” coconut, chenille stems, pink colored sugar (or color your own with pink food coloring and sugar, dried on wax paper)


  • Easter Bunny cupcakes. Prepare cupcakes as above. Frost with white icing. Shake on shredded coconut. Use 2 blue M&M’s for eyes, a tiny dollop of pink-tinted frosting for a nose, 2 mini marshmallows for cheeks. Cut a regular marshmallow in half and shape into two “ear” shapes (slightly pointed on the ends). Sprinkle pink sugar onto the cut parts of  the marshmallow ear (so it sticks) and secure on the frosting above the eyes. If you like, you can make whiskers with stripes of pink frosting or you can use bits of red sour sticks.

Variation #2



  • Easter basket cupcakes. Prepare cake mix as cupcakes (on box) using decorative cupcake liners. Remove from pans when baked. Let cool. Frost with white icing. Sprinkle with green colored coconut. Cut chenille stem in half, bend and press into cupcakes as a “handle.” Place jelly beans, sour eggs, mini M&M’s or any other favorite candy inside as “basket fillers. Tie a bow around the handle and you have perfect little “Easter basket cupcakes”

Looking for something a little bit easier and still a great idea your little ones would enjoy; these are perfect!


Hummingbird nest


1c. milk chocolate chips

1c. shredded coconut

Jelly bean eggs


1. Melt the chocolate chips, following directions on the bag. When smooth, stir in the coconut and then drop the mixture by heaping tbsp. onto waxed-paper-lined cookie sheets.

2. While the nests are still warm, use your thumbs to poke an impression into the middle of each (to make the “nest). Cool, then fill with jelly bean eggs. Makes about a dozen.


Happy Easter everyone!!



Recipes courtesy of Examiner

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