The blogging process and all that jazz….

I’m still trying to poke around and figure out how to get the pictures up on this site:  So thanks for your patience as I sort if out.  Yes yes I know I could change themes but I quite like this one and certainly hope I can get it!  🙂  I do have to say though that the folks at “Themekraft” where this theme is from, have already responded to my inquiry and hopefully can get me on the right track.  A big shout out of thanks to them!  In today’s world where it’s difficult to make contact with companies I am very grateful for their assist!  Having said that I hope they have loads of patience while they try to work with a not so techy gal sorting this ouit.  Hey I can hold my own but a computer genius I am not.  I shouldn’t admit this but when I was starting on WordPress i mentioned to the fella at Go Daddy (who also by the way was AMAZING in support)…sorry I digress….I said to him  “Once we get the hosting and domain up and running if I have an issue I’ll call Word Pres, not a problem”  Bless his little heart as he contained his laughter.  “Ummm Ma’am Word Press isn’t a company that you call, it’s a Web-Based Software Program” to which I so eloquently responded… “Uh oh”.  lol  Next thing you know while I was still getting over the shock of being called “Ma’am” he starts throwing around coarse language like “Child’s theme, codex, typography, countless plug-ins etc etc.  lol  Suffice it to say if you come on one day and things are awry….yup…I’ve been testing the waters of WordPress world.  Wish me luck!

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