A gem of a shopping find

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping ~Bo Derek

So in my last post when I mentioned that great little day trip or camping trip at Rock Glen and I was mentioning how I came across this great little find of a store.  Well really it’s not “that” little, I think unfortunately somewhere in my years if something isn’t department store size it equates to being small as opposed to simply smaller.  And this place has utilized absolutely every inch of their store and somehow managed to do it in a tasteful way that didn’t throw me into a sensory overload making me want to run for the door!  

I’m not a wanna be critic but just a gal that loves things; equally as much I love seeing how things really can be put together and look great and they’ve done it!  And need I say more than independently owned….love supporting local, hence this blog write up.

This great find is called “My Favourite Store” and yes for me it certainly is one of the top stores on my list.My Favourite StoreThey have a fabulous selection of eclectic oddities that give looks such as vintage, reclaimed, folk, contemporary and much more.  Whether it be that indoor or outdoor accessory you are looking for or that completely unique piece of furniture or art, odds are you’ll find it here!

These are a few of the pieces that they let me photographer for a friend.  I was thinking along the lines of them being used as a prop for their photography business.My Favourite Store PramThis pram was spectacular and even had the back insert still in place…it was so fun and functional!

Here’s another fun piece for ya and it even opens….love it!  Imagine that in your little ones room perhaps suspended lengthwise and make a mobile out of it.My Favourite Store Diaper PinThey had all sorts of these trunks, suitcases and stack-able boxes which given the right space would be gorgeous!My Favourite Store baskets

TrunksThen the one that just about went home with me was this one….the bench.  I love it and am still trying to figure out if it would work in my space.  With my luck I’ll decide yes and it’ll be gone!  😉 You know what they say about snoozin’ and loosin’.  : )  You can see there is a smaller one in behind it as well but I wanted BIG! BenchThese gals really have found a balance of being available, helpful and enthusiastic in a retail world where we often receive assistance with indifference,  are shadowed to ensure we are not pilfering and/or are unable to find help unless commission or a complaint are involved.  

So if you are looking to get out and about one day and want to find that “different” item for your house or cottage I promise you this is worth the drive.  Currently I do not believe they have a website but the link at the start of this post will take you to their Facebook page and you can have a look and see if what they carry are the type of things you might like. 

I have no idea why but when we went I was looking for an older house type store when in fact this is store front with the sign out .  You’ll find them at they are located 3-85 King St E Forest ON. 

I would love to hear what you think if you check it out!




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