Share your story – What it’s like to be me (you)

Share your story

Are you in the adoption triad or have you been affected by adoption?  If so and you would like to share your story, we would be honored to do help you do this.  

Your life story and experience is yours and yours alone and having the opportunity to tell it can be extremely cathartic and can also help others more than you know.

If interested please email us at so that we may further discuss this opportunity for you.


2 thoughts on “Share your story – What it’s like to be me (you)

  1. I am a birthmother who was recently “found” by my birth son. He is 29 years old, and discovered me through a DNA match with my brother on We have now met twice, and am hoping to form a relationship. But I have to say, nothing happened the way I thought it would.

  2. Hi “Ventureista”. Let me preface this by saying congratulations on your reunion! I’m curious as to what you mean when you say “nothing happened the way I thought it would”? Had you not envisioned him finding you, is that what you meant? Thanks so sharing and I wish you the best in your reunion.

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