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 This first post back I want to touch base about my recent pause from blogging and where I hope to go from here.. But before I do that I have to acknowledge that today is National Adoption Day. “National Adoption Day is a collective national effort to raise awareness of the more than 100,000 children in foster care waiting to find permanent, loving families “My adoptive parents are my parents. When writing I refer to them as “Adoptive” simply so that you may more easily follow the bouncing ball of he family tree. Because trust me; it’ll bounce! 😉 So as you may know my adoptive father died when I was a little girl and my adoptive mom is still alive. Despite the curve balls life has thrown us they are my parents and I will always hold close to my heart the family life they were building for my adoptive brother and I. The link above has some really great stats on it and adoption resources. Do take a peek and feel free to pass it on; not just today but any/everyday with the hopes that we are somehow aiding in the lives of children in need of a family.

Mom Dad Henry and I at 1 yr

   So with the blog I found myself, like so many of us, overwhelmed with just life as we know it. As an Entrepreneur, that in itself is a full time job: however I also work outside the home as well as chair a non-profit organization re-uniting birth families. And of course I have my 2 buds (a.k.a my Weims 😉 ) that require much attention and exercise. At some point I became so immersed in all these aspects of my life that I forgot to come up for air. I certainly don’t say this begrudgingly, quite the contrary as I take so much joy in all of these and am fortunate enough to love what I do. However at some point when I wasn’t looking, it all took on a life of its own. It wasn’t until I realized I hadn’t fulfilled one of my biggest passions in a very long time…and that is to travel. So I had some unfinished business (figuratively speaking) in Holland and I decided it was time to tend to that and to go spend some well needed time with family, friends and myself. That time away allowed me time of self reflection and it was then I gave further thought as to what was holding me back from blogging and not only from blogging but from making the content CharsJargon what I wanted it to be. In a world of social media and blogs everywhere that are primarily used for business purposes a part of me felt that perhaps I as a blogger was less. Because my goal was not financial gain and/or not for business,  instead it was a place for me to share my experiences and my passions …genealogy, the world of adoption and my place in it and now reacquainting myself with my dearest friend “Travel”. I also questioned myself and my ability to be 100% forthcoming with those of you reading my blog for the adoption related posts. To those who have contacted me, I am grateful that you trust me and feel I am a place of comfort and I look forward to hearing from you again along the way.

   I realized for me to be my best me in something that is not only a part of my life but is who I am that I need to be honest with the myself and the readers. I will not tell any untruths and I will not knowingly or unwittingly with malice hurt anyone.  I will along the way share my story and my truth. I reminded myself recently how I expressed to my biological father that I hated being their dirty little secret and that I wasn’t going to be a part of that anymore. And I’ll be darned if I didn’t digress and fall right back into it by trying to protect others. He is gone and yet I am carrying the secrets of my father and perpetuating them by giving over the power of my freedom of speech. And in the process I and only I, am the one hurt by it. On my hiatus I came to the conclusion that I am only doing a disservice (to other in the triad and myself) by perpetuating the secrets behind adoption and my story by letting the intimidation take over. I have recently been reminded that I am not responsible for another person’s doings, decisions or whereabouts; ergo “I am not my Brothers Keeper”.

  So my friends there you have it. The look of the blog will be undergoing some changes but the content will be virtually the same. I’ll write about what comes to mind and I hope that you’ll join me on my journey.


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